Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day 6 - Monday - a free day to do as we pleased!

Monday was our last day in Rome and we were given the chance to do whatever we wanted as long as we were back at 3.30pm to go to the airport.

Some got up early and headed to St Peter's to find a Mass (none of which seemed to be in English!) while others had a long lie in and even missed breakfast! St Peter's was beautiful first thing in the morning (see picture below).

We all had a pretty relaxing day. Some went back to the English College to continue catching up with friends, a couple of others 'broke' into the NAC for Mass and Confessions while the rest continued touring the many Churches there are to see in Rome.

In the middle of the day we all heard the news that everyone is now talking about - Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI announced that he is to resign at the end of this month. I think we are still in shock. We did have a few emails and messages asking what we had done on our trip to make the Pope want to resign. I assure you we were all on our very best behaviour while in Rome! Now we must take this time to pray for our Holy Father and for our Cardinals.

We made it safely back to London on Monday night and are now getting back onto the swing of things at St. Patrick's.

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