Saturday, 30 May 2009

Monday, 25 May 2009

Mexican Night

Last Sunday was Mexican Night! I made several dishes and Lola assisted in the kitchen. I really enjoyed sharing some of my traditional family recipes with the community. We also celebrated Jeanine's "feast day." It was a wonderful evening! Fr. Emanuel, Fr. Raphael, Br. Bosco, Br. Christopher, from the CFRs and Lara and Deanna joined us as well and it was fun to spend time with them!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mexican Night!

Ceilidh Dances!

Ceildh in the City, it was an event in aid of the Spirit in the City Mission. On Friday night we went for a ceildh, who was organised to raise money for the Spirit in the City Mission. It was pretty easy to join in as there were a dance caller, who were talking people through each dance. It was a perfect opportunity to support the outreach work of the four Catholic West End Churches whilst having a great evening out with our community. We had wonderful time together and great fun learning new dances!

Lala's 21st Birthday!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009


We went to Ilfracombe during one week for the charismatic meeting “Celebrate” with all the community, Edna and two past students : Ewa and Wadim. We really enjoyed this time of prayers, charismatic songs, healing celebration and the talks about Lectio Divina, up and down in your spiritual life, evangelisation …We received so much graces. Moreover we were part of the organisation as we helped as stewart during one day and half. And then we could not forget the point of view when we went on the top of the hill in front of the sea in the natural reserve. Marie

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Czech Night!

Hello all our friends! My name is Petr and I am from Czech republic. Our community organized a Czech culture night at St. Anne's Presbytery. I had the idea to prepare a traditional meal called “Vepřo – knedlo – zelo“ which is Pork – dumplings – sauerkraut. All the members of my community helped me with the preparing, cleaning and cooking.There were lot's of things to do, but I think we really enjoyed the day. We invited Fr. Francis Selman who is Dean of Philosophy at Allen Hall, Fr. Rafael, Br. John Bosco, Dominic and Christopher who are Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Mr. And Mrs. Antošovi who are my Czech friends living in London and Monica, Edna and Tess who work at St. Patrick's Church. Fr. Osvaldo who is a brazilian parish priest visited us shortly and brought us a traditional brazilian meal, which was delicious. My Czech guests brought us a beautiful and delicious pudding. After a very lively conversation and meal we had a quiz about the Czech republic and also short slide show about my country. Thank you very much everybody who participated in this event, it was a really beautiful day. God bless you all. Petr