Thursday, 7 February 2013

And we're off…

This morning has went very well, I don't think any of have ever been so awake and ready to go at 5.50am before!! We made it perfectly on time for the bus and train and thankfully no queues when we arrived at the check-in desk.

After a quick picnic breakfast at the airport and a hot drink we headed off to Gate 10. Presently writing this as we wait to take off but won't have it posted until I find some WiFi in Rome.


So we have taken off… and as usual there are 101 announcements so now is the time to turn the music on and chill til we land.


Plane journey good, albeit a little turbulent. We quickly made it through passport control and thankfully our only non-EU citizen didn't take too long either. Bag pick up was a little more interesting- Fr Alex's bag was the first one out but it got stuck, not that Fr Alex noticed since he was chatting away. After quick a bit of trying from Ben and another passenger it didn't look good - til of course Fr Alex wandered over, gave it one pull and free it came, typical!

Now we are just settling into our rooms before we have Mass at 3pm. Once we have Mass we will grab some lunch and have a walk around.

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