Thursday, 30 April 2009


Happy Easter to everyone! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!! We had very beautiful Holy Week. We made a garden of Gethsemane for Maundy Thursday, then on the Good Friday we had Stations of the Cross through the Soho and in the evening we watched 'The Passion of Christ' with the parishiners. The whole Triduum was amazing, we were awaiting Christ Ressurection. We started to celebrate Easter after Easter Vigil on Saturday!!! Alleluia!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chrism Mass celebrated at Westminster Cathedral

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, celebrated the annual Chrism Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Tuesday 7th April 2009 in the presence of over 300 priests and around 1000 people from the Diocese of Westminster.We were there supporting our priests and showing our appreciation for priesthood. 'We love our priests'!!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Hull Mission

For our Lent Mission we went to Hull. Marcus (student from last year) Teresa, Jeanine and Edna joined us for the mission. We prepared a Holy Hour for the parents of children preparing to receive their First Holy Communion. It was a blessed and beautiful time spent before our Lord praying for the children and their growth in faith. On Friday and Saturday afternoons we hit the streets of Hull and handed out early Easter Gifts and Holy Week Mass times. We even had a young woman join us that we met during our time on the streets. Friday evening was spent with the parish youth group. We animated the Triduum for the students and set up stations to represent all 3 days. We had so much fun!! Palm Sunday was celebrated in Hull and before we knew it we were heading back to St. Pat's! Time just flew by! A huge Thank you to our hosts and host families that cooked and cared for us with great love! Thanks for your warm welcome!

Catholic Underground

A few Saturdays ago we went to Balham and hung out with the CFR's and many other young people at Catholic Underground. The night began with Adoration and then moved to the school gym where some local Artists played music and talked about their faith. It was pretty cool and we'd definitely recommend it. The next one will be on May 9th also in Balham. Lola


We went to Littlemore near Oxford with all the community and Adriano from Jeunesse Luniere community. It is a particularly holy place because the great theologian Newman lived there. The sister Myriam gave us a talk about Newman’s life. It is really amazing how Newman was a famous Anglican preacher who converted to Catholicism. How humble and brilliant he was. This presentation gave us the opportunity to better understand the challenge of England regarding its conversion and the conversion of each of us. It gave us also the desire to read the books written by Newman. It would be very useful in street evangelisation, if we meet an Anglican.