Wednesday, 13 January 2010

This week we are back into the routine with daily rosary, mass, adoration, and lectures on the Catechism with Fr. Francis. We have been working hard on our second essay which is due by the end of this week. Please keep us all in your prayers for the gift of wisdom to help us with the challenge of getting them finished and finding the right words to use. God bless!!!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Friar

Snow fun in Aylesford!!! Not only were we prayerful, but also playful. We are pleased to introduce Snow Friar Francis. :)

Retreat in Aylesford, Kent

We have just returned back from a five day retreat at the Carmelite Friary in Aylesford led by Fr. Joe Chalmers and Fr. Kevin Melody. It was not only a great place to get away from the hecticness of London, but an amazing place to reflect, pray, and appreciate nature. With the cold weather and snow made it such a beautiful atmosphere to be in which we enjoyed very much. We learned a bit about the history of the Carmelites, Prophet Elijah, St. Peter, and St. Simon Stock. We were given much opportunity to think about prayer as a relationship with God in our life.

Killing Time in Aylesford

Anxiously waiting at the train station for Fr. Joe to take us to the Carmelite Friary. As you can see we are very excited for our retreat to begin!!!

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years

A few of us spent our New Years in Balham for a Youth 2000 retreat where there were many young people gathered together to pray, sing and worship. It was a real pleasure to be there to end 2009 and to ring in the New Year with perpetual adoration, many amazing speakers and engaging conversations. It was truly a blessing to be amongst so many young people sharing our faith together.