Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 2 - Art, Faith & St Paul

The morning of our second day was focused on Art & Faith, touching very much on this Year of Faith. We had a tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica by Sr Emanuela. Sr Emanuela is from the Missionaries of Divine Revelation, which is a relatively new order. Her order are some of the official Vatican guides. She is amazingly awesome!! We would recommend her to anyone! Best tour guide ever! Sr Emanuela is not difficult to spot - she has a emerald green habit!! During the tour she explained to us some of the artwork in the museum and the significance of it and the Year of Faith. It was a very inspiring tour and left each one of us thinking about our own Faith and what we can do to be true witnesses to the Faith. After the tour Sr Emanuela joined us for some coffee and a chat. She truly is a remarkable witness.

In the afternoon we grabbed a couple of buses to have an afternoon of St Paul. We went to visit Trefountane (sp?) where St Paul was beheaded and also St Paul's outside the Walls, where St Paul is buried. What a magnificent Church! To be honest I think all of us have been in awe of the places that we have visited. To think that this is where the apostles Peter and Paul were and where they were martyred for their Faith, the Faith that today we still profess!

We had Mass with the seminarians at the Venerable English College, where some of us had a chance to catch up with some friends. Four of the students from Westminster Diocese joined us for a lovely supper. It was nice to get to hear about the College and their studies and to also explain to them what SPES is. Not too sure who has the most full timetable! ( I personally think SPES do!) but both are worthwhile programs and intense for a reason.

Rome is awesome! What will Day 3 have in store for us!!

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