Monday, 5 May 2008

On the road again...

We've been putting a lot of miles on the mini-bus lately! One Saturday we went up to Reading with Fr. Alexander to see Mapledurham, which has a rich Catholic history. It hid many priests during the Reformation and even housed priests from Douai, France during the French Revolution. Ambrose, Father's dog, even got to come along!

The next weekend we drove out to see the students at Fisher House, the Catholic Chaplaincy at Cambridge. The weather was beautiful and we were invited to join the students for Mass and lunch on the terrace. Anthony, who's a graduate from Cambridge, along with his sister, a current student, gave us an insiders tour of this amazing university. Thanks also to all the students who managed to get us into the different colleges!

The next day we again piled into that poor mini-bus and drove it all the way up to Birmingham for the day. There we popped in at the University of Birmingham's Newman House to talk about the school. We also got a tour of the Maryvale Institute since our Catechism course is through them and stayed to say evening prayer with the Bridgettine Sisters. Luckily, with the bank holiday, the traffic wasn't too bad on the drive home that night.

With all this traveling, we were happy to leave the mini-bus parked in Soho Square for our last Saturday outing and just remain in London for the Pentecost Festival.

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