Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Jenny's Birthday Adventure

Lucky me, my birthday happened to fall on a Saturday this year and so we all decided to spend this particular community day by taking a pilgrimage to Walsingham! So last weekend, we fired up the minibus yet again and piled in for a fun-filled day...

My Classmates decorated for me!

First stop...Cambridge to pick up Fr. Matthew. Since we left at 6am we missed the traffic and had some time to enjoy an early morning coffee.

Father took for a us walk around Clare College and some of us had to have a closer look at the beautiful gardens.

Upon arriving back at our mode of transportation, we notice that something's not quite right.

Yep, it's a flat tyre... But luckily we have Fr. Matthew, Marcus and Ambrose on the job!

After a stop at a tyre shop and a quick loo break at Blackfriars, we were on the road again! This was definitely a memorable birthday. Thanks to my lovely community for taking it all in strides and keeping their joy, no matter what.

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Miss Monification said...

Wooooooo!!!! Without Ambrose I don't think we would have managed... really he is the most USEFUL dog ever.