Monday, 31 March 2008

Good Friday

Some reflections from Jenny on Good Friday:

Today, Good Friday, the church is stark and cold. Not only do the alters not have any flowers, but the tabernacle in the middle of the sanctuary is wide open and empty. It has given me a very real sense that Jesus is not with us, he has been taken away... This moring was Stations of the Cross out in Soho. Many people gathered with us in St. Patrick's before processing out through the streets. With a plain wooden cross and Fr. Alexander leading the way, we passed and stopped in front of the businesses and shops of Soho. We got lots of confused looks, but no ill words or threats. I found it was an amazing way to reflect on the humiliation of Christ as he carried his cross through the crowds in the streets outside Jerusalem. Right now we are getting ready for the Passion service in the Church. At the moment I am in the basement of St. Pat's and can hear the beautiful choir warming up. The whole Gospel reading is sung! After that we will have some traditional English hot crossed buns with the parishioners. I'm looking forward to trying them for the first time, they looked delicious as Arnold was preparing them in the kitchen. This evening we will be watching Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ in the parish room.
More to come as we finish up Easter Triduum and arrive at the long awaited Vigil Mass!

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