Saturday, 1 March 2008

Culture nights

February was an exciting month for good food from all over the world. Allen and Edna both had their culture nights to celebrate Chinese New Year and Carnival, respectively.

Allen prepared a feast of vegetables, dumplings, soup and spring rolls that are traditional for festival times in China. Not only was the food interesting, but the act of eating it with chopsticks added to the meal as well. After dessert, we retired to the common room for visiting with our guests, which included Br. John Paul and Br. Bosco from the CFRs, Fr. Gisepi who is a visiting missionary priest from the Servants of the Poor of the Third World, and Ronnie, a Jesuit seminarian studying in London. Watch out for the friars and their party tricks! They kept us entertained.

For Brazilian night, the meal took place in the common room, which was a nice change of pace. Edna provided a buffet of different Brazilian meats, vegetables and breads. She made her personal favorite dish, torresmo, which is a tasty mixture of beans and meats. Brazilians have a reputation of liveliness and this evening was no exception!

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