Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Emmanuel School of Mission Update

On our Rome pilgrimage we were able to meet up with the Emmanuel School of Mission (who came to London before Christmas to help with our Advent Mission). ESM live on the top floor of a hotel right in the centre of Rome - looking out on their balcony they have an amazing view of St Peter's basilica! We had great fun catching up, talking about the affects of the Advent Mission, and everything that had happened after Christmas.

They showed us a DVD about the World Youth Day Cross our late Holy Father, John Paul II had started. It was moving to see JP2 passing the cross from nation to generation for each new WYD, even at the very end of his life. The ESM students then took us to San Lorenzo Youth Centre where the cross is kept and displayed at the front of the church.

For San Lorenzo's 25th anniversary, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass there with the Emmanuel School of Mission each taking part in the Mass! There was a holy jealousy from SPES when they told us that four of them would be receiving communion from our Holy Father!

We were supposed to go out and evangelise with them in the afternoon, but it was cold and raining so we had praise and worship with them instead, which was a lot of fun! It was great to see them all again, and hopefully won't be the last time.

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