Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Polish Culture night

Monday night was our fourth culture night to date, this time led by Ewa, Iwona and Wadim in a Polish extravaganza of soup, sausage, chicken, pork, fish, pickles, potato pancake thingummies, cheesecake, sweets - and lots of Polish songs! Stolat! Yestesh Polakiem! The culture nights are always a wonderful occasion in the life of the School because we can share something of our background with the community in a way that words can't express. Arnold, the Polish cook for the students who was our guest, had tears in his eyes because he was so reminded of home, and the Poles had a transcendent glow on their faces (which wasn't merely the holiness that they have a reputation of bringing to the School!). It's at times like these that we really feel all together...

Tonight we helped out with Open House meal for the homeless. This meal was a bit more chaotic - it seems there was a glitch with the queuing system and as a consequence the homeless were late in being served. Tempers got a bit frayed and a few times Fr. Alex or a volunteer had to step in to maintain the situation. It's not always easy to serve the homeless, but it's a very rewarding task, especially when we have the chance to talk to them and get to know their past. Mother Theresa said, as we have often been reminded here, that we must 'love until it hurts.' I suppose many of the volunteers for Open House come because they are seeking to do just that - or to get a taste of it at least. Many of the homeless are very grateful for what they receive, and make it known to us. Tonight, as with the last few times, we prepared some prayer and meditation for the homeless before dinner, and afterwards one of the volunteers sang a beautiful 'Ave Maria'.

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