Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Theology of the Body

On Friday we had Fr. Mark Withoos come down from Durham to give our fortnightly talk on Pope John Paul II's work Theology of the Body. The Theology of the Body was given as a series of Wednesday audiences over the Pope's first years in the Vatican, in order to elucidate the meaning of our bodies and the beauty of sexuality. We are meant to give ourselves to one another through our bodies, and a man and woman do so most perfectly in marriage. Fr. Mark's talk looked at the portrayal of the human body in art, and what the boundaries are between art and pornography. He drew from JP II's insistence that the artist portray the body as the expression of a person, and not just as a mere object.

For anyone who is interested the talks on Theology of the Body happen every other Friday at St. Patrick's at 6.30 (free meal, then talk at 7.15). It would be a great opportunity to discover the Church's real and radical teaching on human sexuality. Every other Friday, including next Friday, is an evangelisation evening, in which we a) learn how we can evangelise others, b) go out and witness to our faith to people in the streets of Soho, in a relaxed and conversational way, c) come back to share our experiences during the evening. If you're free next Friday please join us.

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