Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The American Experience

On Saturday the boys drove to Ascot to visit with Ann and Dan Hill, two great supporters of SPES who had the girls over the previous weekend for time away. American and Canadian, the Hills have been in England for some years doing wonderful work with the Missionaries of Charity and St. Patrick's parish among other things. It was great to be there and just listen to their stories!

This evening we had our American culture night, organised by Angela who hails from Kansas City Missouri, assisted by Henry who is originally Texan. The monthly culture nights are a good way for us to share our own particular background with the rest of the community, even if it's a bit spicy for their tastes! Above is Susie greedily reaching for the tortilla chips, and below is our Polish chef Arnold dressed in state for the occasion (with two of last year's students: Jeanine who helps run the school this year, and Rachel on the right, who is now Fr. Alex's pastoral assistant).

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