Sunday, 18 February 2007


On Friday evening we hit the streets to evangelise the people of London... We went to the French Catholic Church in Leicester Square, where once a month a Pentecostal choir sings and gets people to stop by and listen to the music. We go there to talk to people and give them prayer cards and Scripture readings. It often happens that we have good conversations with them, about their background, their faith, and they will ask questions about our life as young Catholics dedicating a year to being formed in and serving the Church in London. I think that the first time we went out to evangelise we were all pretty unsure of how to begin, but now it comes a bit easier to us and we can share more of our experience with others, as well as accept if people don't want to have anything to do with us. We would really like to see more Catholics coming to witness to their faith, so if you're free on the third Friday of the month come to St. Patrick's in Soho Square at 6.30 and from there we will go to Leicester Square. If Christ's love means so much to us then it is natural that we will want to share it with others. And anyway you'd be hard pressed to find better music or a more fun way to evangelise!

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