Friday, 19 January 2007

The SPES Community - 2006-2007

This picture of all of us was taken on Christmas Eve when we went ice skating at the Natural History Museum - lots of fun, and a few bruises! The students are:

Top left - Susie, German
Middle left - Iwona, Polish
Bottom left - Ewa, Polish
Back middle - Mandy, Chinese
Front middle - Henry, American
Top right - Wadim, Polish and
Vincent, British
Bottom right - Angela, American

You'll notice the Polish predominance here. There's a saying in St. Patrick's that the Polish make us holy. It is an advantage to have a group made up of so many cultures and backgrounds; Mandy has come all the way from the persecuted Church in China and is teaching us to appreciate what religious freedom we have here.

I don't know how Vincent feels about being the lone Brit. Perhaps as more people hear of SPES it will attract some of the home crowd...

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