Wednesday, 31 January 2007

St. John Bosco altar and Westminster Cathedral

Today Fr. Alex celebrated Mass at the altar of St. John Bosco, and afterwards we were able to venerate a relic of the saint which belongs to St. Patrick's. Don Bosco was a wonderful saint with incredible gifts and a way of drawing the most stubborn and hardened people in society to God through the joy that he radiated. May we follow his example here in Soho, and 'be always happy'!

This evening we went to Westminster Cathedral for the launch of CTS's video 'The Joy of God's Plan', about a new means of regulating fertility within marriage that is natural and in accordance with Church teaching (N. B. not the old rhythm method that many people assume to be all the Church offers). It was hosted by Edmund Adamus, Archbishop Kevin McDonald of Southwark and Bishop Bernard Longley of Westminster (pictured below, left). Among those there were some of the priests who have given us lectures, including Fr. Stephen Langridge who gave us an engaging talk on the Ten Commandments yesterday, Fr. Philip Miller, and Fr. Angelus, a Friar of the Renewal.

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