Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Ampleforth retreat pics

Here are some pictures which Angela and Ewa took during our retreat to Ampleforth in Yorkshire a few weeks ago. The retreat was led by Fr. Richard Aladics, a priest from Huddersfield who does a lot with Youth 2000 and has his own blog 'Friends with Christ'. The abbey church is very striking , designed by the same architect who was originally commissioned to do Liverpool cathedral (not the hideous spaceship that is there now). We also spent a day at the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey on the feast day of St. Aelred who was abbot at Rievaulx. It is amazing to think that at one time there were 600 monks gathering to worship God in that church! The pictures here are: (top left) part of the enormous grounds of Ampleforth school, (top right) the rood of Ampleforth church, (bottom left) Mandy and Jeanine horsing around, (bottom right) Angela and Iwona getting touch with their monastic side.


Fr Richard Aladics said...

I'm very pleased that you have begun this Blog. I've already put a link to it on mine. I'm sure that you will find it a great means of evangelisation and communication. Kepp posting!

Jeanine said...

Thank you Father Richard ... We're still learning the ropes to this - but we're having fun! Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement!