Monday, 26 March 2012

Update from 'CYMFed Congress' week!

So last week was, as always, a pretty busy week! Academics wise, we didn't look at the Catechism, but instead took part in a Life in the Spirit Seminar, led by Kate Moir, Gabriel Sedda and Fr Angelus. Some of us had engaged in Life in the Spirit Seminars before, 2 of us with Soul Food, a Catholic group based here in London. Since the reopening of St. Patrick's, and the building of the brand new community centre, lots of exciting things have been happening. Currently, the Theology of the Body series of talks with keynote speaker Fr Sam Medley from the Southwark Diocese have been taking place. We'll have the last of the series happening this Wednesday. We've been totally inspired by Fr Sam's witness, and delivery of the beautiful teaching of TOB (Theology of the Body).
One of the highlights of this week was most definitely the CYMFed congress that took place at Wembley Arena on Saturday. There were some amazing Christian Olympians testifying to their sporting gifts as God-given, gifts to offer back to God in the everyday living of their Christian values - Stef Reid and Debbie Flood. We also heard the testimony of Sr Catherine CFR who gave up her Olympic speed skating career to dedicate her life completely to God as a bride of Christ. The day's theme was based on three principles of the 2012 Olympics taking place here in London this summer: Respect, Friendship and Excellence. With 5000 other young people there, the day was packed with fun and faith… ending with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

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