Sunday, 11 March 2012

Back in BUSINESS!!

... and by business, we mean the business of the Lord, in the Lord's vineyard!! Firstly, please do allow us the privilege of apologising for our lack of communications over the past 6 months! Sooooo... we thought we'd celebrate our 'coming back' with a massive
of our blog!

There's a fresh, new look to the blog, because you know... God is always fresh, and can never get 'old'! Let us introduce ourselves based on this photo from left to right:

Claz, born and raised in London but of Filipina-Spanish heritage is the furthest left. She's the straggler and the merry musician of the community, who's deeply into her faith and professes to be a truly unique child of God!

Besides her is Carmelo, the sleeper from Indonesia. With a long background of faith formation, he is considered the wise and spiritual peacemaker in the community, and gives so much through the many talents and virtues he has been graced with!

The other girl besides Carmelo is Irish Ciara, from County Derry (although is a Tyrone Gaelic supporter). She's pretty fiery, not only in character, but more importantly she's most definitely on fire for our Lord Jesus Christ! She doesn't like bus journeys (we learned this the hard way!), but she's most definitely on the right mode of transport to heaven... the Catholic Church!

The girl with the purple hat is Tatiana, the wonderfully talkative Brazilian who brings much laughter and charisma to the community. She's totally in love with the word of God (and of course the Word of God), and she has a real gift for the various hospitality ministries you're likely to find within the environment of the Church.

Anne-Marie is the furthest to the right, and she's our other Irish gem. She's got the passion and drive (not to mention the sporting expertise) to share with all who she meets how our bodies are a gift from God, and that we can engage in different sports activities to express this gift of life. She's über friendly, and is quite creative with the Bible!

Last, but not least, is Laurie, our speedy Scotsman. He's certainly a pilgrim of body, mind and soul... with major plans for the future, and big experiences of the past to shape his bright future. Formally a mixologist and landscape gardener, we look forward to what the rest of the year has for him!

So that's the 'student-ele' of the St. Patrick's Evangelisation School this year. We're really excited to let all of you around the world know what we've been up to these past 6 months in forthcoming blogposts. We've been blessed with so many experiences like retreats, pilgrimages, academic lectures, outreach projects, missions, and a vibrant and active prayer life. So we'd really like you to stay tuned and to check us up on a weekly basis where we hope to catch up with 6 months of news and action from SPES!

Please do pray for us, and if you have any prayer requests, we will soon set up a widget where you'll be able to send in any prayer requests in a jiffy!

For the greater glory of God!
The SPES team


Vincent said...

Great to see some blog activity! Hope to learn more about how you have been getting on.

Silvana said...

I first encountered SPES about 5 years ago, when I sat next to Jeanine Den Tandt on an aeroplane and noticed she was reading a Catholic paper! This morning I stumbled across your blog via another blog, and was delighted to "meet" you all and discover how on fire with the love of God you all are. I hope this time will really help you prepare for the joys and challenges that lie ahead, wherever and whatever God is calling each of you to...