Monday, 18 October 2010

Hope to see you this week!

Our Evangelisation Talks are going extremely well with many young, very excited and enthusiastic individuals. They have a hunger and thirst for knowing what the Church teaches and says about Evangelising. It was a real treat to have again with us Mgr. Keith this past Wednesday. It is quite the privilege to have someone as knowledgeable as himself to grace us with all of his wisdom and insight. He has brought a document, Evangelii Nuntiandi, which is many year’s old very much alive. He’s filled with great joy and is so encouraging being in his presence! This coming Wednesday we will have the honour of Father Paul Keane with us who will be speaking on Apologetics and how to handle the different objections people have about the Catholic Church! Come join us as well on Friday evenings at 6:45 pm to put into practice all that is being taught. We will be going out into the streets of Soho. Have courage to give it a try! We are called to evangelise and give witness to the love and joy that we have in our lives and to share it with others! Evangelisation is not an ‘add on’ to our faith, but is essential to it!!! We are in the process of getting things planned and organized for our Advent Mission, so please if you could remember to pray for all that needs to be put into place that would be greatly appreciated! Continue to support the 40 Days for Life campaign through prayer and fasting and giving that witness outside the Abortion clinic. As it states in Matthew 25:40 “Whatever you do for the least of these brethren, you do for me.” Pray for the grace to not be afraid! Life is precious and deserves to be valued and protected! Have faith and trust in God! This past week was the start of First Holy Communion. It is a new opportunity for me to have the privilege to teach the little ones. I am looking forward to this opportunity very much. This is a special time for them in each of their lives, so please pray not only for their Catechesis, Deanna and Magdalene, but for all the Communicants. Pray that they are open to God’s graces and blessings and all that He wants to reveal to them. Thank you for all your support thus far for this year! Have a fabulous week and don’t forget to share the faith. You are in our prayers! God bless!

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