Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hope you had a wonderful week! Maria, a faithful parishioner of St. Patrick's has passed away. Her funeral will be at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane today, Wednesday, at 1:05 pm. May Maria and all the faithfully departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace. Amen!


We sadly have to wish Vincent and Monica farewell. Monica is heading back home very soon to Australia where she will be with her loved ones who are very excited to have her back with them. Vincent is soon to be married to a lovely girl. Thank you for your dedication and commitment throught the years at St. Patrick's. We do wish you all the best for your futures! You will be missed for sure, but it is not goodbye, it is see you later. Know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you both and all your future endeavours abundantly and may our Blessed Mother watch over and protect you always!!!


The first Talk: Evangelisation – The Challenge in the Modern World by Mgr. Keith Barltrop was fantastic! It was not only engaging, interactive, but gave much food for thought. It’s exciting knowing he will be returning this week on Wednesday, 13th October to continue to share with us the wealth of knowledge he has on this topic. Thank you so much Mgr. Keith for all your insight, it will absolutely go a long way. We hope and pray that it not only gets people thinking about the way they evangelise in their daily life, but may have the courage to witness in their life daily! Please join us for the next talk. Come along and see for yourself exactly what you are missing out on. 6:30 pm for light supper at St. Patrick’s Presbytery with the talk starting promptly at 7 pm. Don’t miss it and bring a friend!

40 Days for Life

There are a couple of ways to take an active role and answer to the call of being witnesses here and now. One way is praying outside the abortion clinic, 108 Whitfield Street at the Mary Stopes Clinic, during the 40 Days for Life Campaign. This is a prayerful peaceful vigil where many are uniting themselves in prayer and fasting together around the world. The campaign is currently taking place in 238 cities. Do not be afraid to stand up for what is right and speak the truth in love! Being that public witness in support of life which God has created so beautifully in the womb is an encouragement to many. Please continue to pray for all men and women contemplating to terminate the life of their unborn baby, for all those working in abortion facilities, for all people who are suffering the affects of abortion and who are in need of healing. Pray that many lives and souls are saved and that there is a respect for all life from the moment of conception to natural death! Thanks be to God for His unconditional love and infinite mercy!

Street Evangelisation

The second way is joining us on Friday evenings to go into the streets of Soho. The evenings begin at 6:45 pm and finishes around 9 pm. This is when we have the opportunity to meet many people and share with others of the joy we have within ourselves and explain to people what we are so happy about and why. It’s not only a time to engage others in conversation, but to shed a little light of Christ’s love on them through a smiling face, a kind gesture or just to be there with a listening ear to those that need it. We also offer them the chance to come to our chapel here at St. Patrick’s to meet the Risen Lord who is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Throughout the evening we will also pray with them then and there or let them know they will be in our prayers as are their intentions. This is not an easy task, but is very much needed! If you desire to come along and feel called to participate, please do! Feel free to give us a ring to find out more.


Please continue to pray for the life of SPES, for Father Alex, Edna and I coordinating, our outreaches, missions and the work of Evangelisation, the benefactors, friends, and lecturers, the past and future students of the school and for all of our intentions. Thank you for your support especially in prayer. It is much appreciated. God bless you all!

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