Friday, 14 November 2008

November Retreat

Our retreat began in Durham with the Shogren family. The Shogren's gave us such a wonderful welcome and made us all feel at home. Mr. Shogren (Paul) took us on a walking pilgrimage to the Holy Island. Lola, Charlie, Petr, Peter and Paul all walked it bare foot!! We learned about St. Cuthburt and walked in the foot steps of St. John Boste. We then headed to Hare Street and stayed at the Cardinal's retreat house the former home of Robert H. Benton, author of Lord of the World - a very prophetic piece of work from 1909. We had a tour of Edmund's College and learned about the history of the Catholic Church in England during the time it was illegal to practice our faith. The house on Hare Street even had a "Priest Hole" where priest could hide from authorities. The punishment for being caught was quite horrific - hung, drawn and quartered! Here is a picture of Petr in the "Priest Hole"....!

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