Monday, 21 April 2008

Mission Accomplished

Well, we're back from Hull! I think all of us would agree that it was a very blessed mission. The support we received from the priests and parishioners in Hull was amazing. Each day we went out on the city streets with the crucifix leading the way as we prayed for the people of Hull. Having this visible sign of our faith with us, I think, gave us a certain boldness and an identity. We gave out leaflets for our Saturday Event, "Why be Catholic" and tried to spark conversation with passersby. In a way it this was bit harder than in Soho. Even though the people in Hull are very friendly, they seem less likely to speak about faith. But we were blessed with some good encounters too.

I have to mention the lovely welcome we received at St. Joseph's, St. Charles' and St. Wilfred's. I don't think we've ever felt so at home! Even though we were coming as complete strangers, we looked after so well by our host that we left feeling like part of the family. A huge thank you to Fr. William, Cannon Michael, Fr. Stephen, James, Ella, Leona, Michelle, Jessica, Sr. Brenda, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Patricia, Margery, Walter and Patrick.

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Peter said...

That mission must have been really hard, doing street stuff isn't easy.

I wish you folks all the best, your a good bunch of people!