Sunday, 17 February 2008

An evening at Ealing...

We've just got back from St Benedict's Ealing Abbey where we were invited to speak to the Confirmation candidates. They have a large group of teenagers preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. We were able to put into practice some of what we have learned from Marianne Cuthbertson, who comes to St Patrick's to teach us about Catechesis. Marianne is in charge of Cathechetics at the Parish at Ealing.

Bishop Alan Hopes was also with us and he gave a talk to the young people on the role of a Bishop in the Church. He talked about the Bishop as Apostle, Shepherd and Teacher of the faith.

Then it was our turn to stand up and talk! I spoke a bit about our life at St Patrick's and our efforts to bring Christ to Soho, while the others talked about the role that their faith has played in their life. It seems to be good for teenagers to hear from other young people who have recently gone through similar kinds of struggles to their own. We all brought slightly different slants and focused on different things which hopefully kept things interesting.

It all seemed to go well!

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