Sunday, 6 May 2007

Student profile: Angela Danaher

Meet Angela from Kansas City, Missouri...

'I am American, 23, and I like reading, writing, drawing, and praying. I especially like cooking, John Singer Sargent, el Greco, Flannery O'Connor, and the fact that I have studied the entire Catechism. I came to London last October to join SPES, expecting an experience of the Catholic Church in England. One of the few aspects of SPES that were recognisably English were the daily 'elevensies' and tea time, other than that the Church and community was very international, a microcosm of the Universal Church. This isn't to say the Church in England is suffering from diversity, rather is rich in its assimilation of nations and people. But London and Soho is poor in spirituality, something I learned very quickly going on the streets and talking about St. Patrick's to people who don't believe in anything, except maybe themselves. My time here has really asserted the opposite, that I can't and shouldn't believe in just myself, and that when I do try to forge my own way, not follow God's will, I generally get knocked off my high horse and realize exactly how difficult it is when I try to make myself and my will into a god. Solid Catechesis, and it's all found in each days' formation. I can say there have been roughly 224 lessons thus far, and I look forward to the 50 or so remaining. God Bless.'

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