Friday, 18 May 2007

Past Student Update - Budi Nahiba

We received an update from Budi Nahiba, from Indonesia, who has spent two years with the Dominicans in the Phillipines in formation for the Priesthood. Below is an update from him, on some of his recent experiences! Budi was a student from 2004-2005.
Last month, I joined the parish priest (diocesan priest) in West Borneo. We visited the villages and celebrated Mass in the jungle. There was not any road transportation except by river or by foot. We used the boat and motor cycle for transportation. The road is very bad and muddy. We walked more than three hours to reach the village. We stayed overnight in the village, camping, and there were a lot of insects and mosquitoes.

The people in jungle in this village were happy to receive us, as usually the priest can visit them only twice a year to celebrate Mass. The people are very poor and have low education. They do not have a strong knowledge about the Catholic Faith (lack of the catechist).

I enjoyed the journey. I could practice the evangelization lesson from SPES. The priest asked me to teach the Our Father and Hail Mary Prayer. Also I spoke about the Faith to the villagers. It reminded me of my experiences in Soho, from when I used to discuss the Faith with the people in Soho.

During the Triduum, I returned to the parish Saint Marie John Vianney, once again. This is a new parish that just opened three months ago. On Good Friday, I taught the passion and music. And on the Saturday Vigil, I taught the choir about the song (two of my friends helped me with music, because I can not sing very well!). The people in the parish did not know much about the Triduum liturgy (because the parish is new and the celebration the Easter is new and strange for them. I am very happy because I can share the resurrection with the poor people in the middle of the jungle.

The education in that parish is very poor. The school building in the village is very poor and they lack teachers - especially the catechist/Catholic religious teachers.

In the centre of the parish, they have the dormitories for girls and boys - the students from the village. The dorm is also very damaged and needs refurbishment. At the moment, I tried to help the parish priest to raise the money for the parish and dormitory.

The villagers don't understand that the Priests don't have have money - they think they do because the Missionaries from Europe would also give money or food - so they think all people with the Church are rich. The situation is changing though. I brought the religious articles from the city to the village - Some of the benefactors gave me money to buy the religious articles.

I have spoken to my Dominican superior and I still want to become a priest and continue my formation, but I will take some time out to discern further the will of God. I want to give up my life totally for CHRIST. Follow HIM where He will send me
So, at the moment, I wait my new place.

To be honest, the evangalisation formation in the School of Evangelisation is useful for my journey. I can share the Faith with the people any where, with my deepened spirituality and I can talk about GOD with confidence as I now have a basic knowledge of the catechism.

Our Motto of SPES is to bring Hope to other: I believe God guides me to bring the Hope in middle of the jungle and I can practice my lessons from SPES!

Yours brother in Christ,

Budi Nahiba Vincentius (SPES Alumni: 2004-2005)

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