Saturday, 3 March 2007


Today we had some of the Allen Hall seminarians to lunch and gave them a tour of our digs in the basement. The four who came were Neil, Dominic, Andrew and Rev. Richard, the last of whom will be ordained this summer. The last time we saw Neil and Dominic at Allen Hall they had broken limbs, and we decided seminary was perhaps more dangerous than we realised! They were happy to tell us how they came to seminary and also about what they did, from their studies and daily routine to the pilgrimages they had been on, not forgetting to mention of course the mighty football team they have at Allen Hall! The SPES students used to live in the seminary but this year there were so many new seminarians that they no longer had any room for us there (making it roughly 24 seminarians there now).

Fr. Mark's Theology of the Body talk this evening showed how the vocation to celibacy and the vocation to married life are in reality aiming for the same goal, which is our marriage in Christ when we get to heaven. So these four seminarians by their celibacy are signs of how we will be before God.

After the talk Fr. Mark showed us a promotional video for World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney. It is a chance for young people from all over the world to witness to their faith and be with the Pope in an amazing country. What are you doing in August 2008?

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