Friday, 12 April 2013

TOB, Evangelisation Prep, Goodbye to PBXVI, Assignments and Laetare Concert... busy as always.

The last week of February was a week focusing on the Theology of the Body, which is a topic some of us are very interested in.  We were privileged to have an amazing set of lecturers, thank you to each of them.  Tuesday that week was a lecture free day which we spent doing some street evangelisation preparation, in particular putting Miraculous Medals on colourful string, which is surprisingly quite a relaxing activity.  In the afternoon we headed over to Tyburn Convent to do our Holy Hour, which we used to pray for the Church as Pope Benedict prepared to step down and after the news from Scotland. 

Thursday 28th February was a historic day and in some ways quite a sad day as our Holy Father Pope Benedict stepped down from the See of St Peter.  To mark the occasion we held a Holy Hour and Mass on Thursday evening to give thanks for the ministry and care of Pope Benedict XVI as he left office, and to pray for a worthy successor to lead us towards Jesus Christ.  It was a lovely, prayerful evening, and thanks to all those who joined us especially Fr James Bradley. 

The first week of March brought with it another assignment, this time we were studying Liturgy and the Sacraments.  It was very interesting to learn about each of them and the links between the Sacrament and the Liturgical celebration.  We also learnt how each of the three persons of the Trinity work in all the Sacraments. 

On Sunday 10th March, both Laetare Sunday and Mother's Day, we enjoyed The Choir of St Patrick's Laetare Concert, which took place in the Church.  The music was beautiful and it was great to hear the restored Gray Organ being played.

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