Sunday, 1 April 2012

Another COOKATHON over!

Yesterday, we had a cookathon... YES our infamous cooking marathon where we cook dishes en-masse for a month or so to freeze. After dividing up all the food cooked, we counted up 375 portions of yummy food to be consumed out of this batch of cooking!

Ciara came up with the idea of cooking colcannon! Claz cooked a Thai vegetable curry for Fridays. Carmelo was on the meatloaf and burgers, and Tatiana on pasta tuna bake! Laurie made some totally mouth-watering and attractive cupcakes for the tea social after Mass this morning, as well as Moroccan chicken... mmmmm! The chicken curry was cooked by Anne-Marie. So you can probably tell, we have a great time preparing the meals that we share together.

Of course, we could never do it without the awesome DELLA!! She is the mastermind (along with Deanna) on the cookathon - we're so grateful to her for giving up her Saturday and evenings leading up to the cookathon to help buy the ingredients and provide all the cooking equipment we needed. Neither could we do it without the generosity of parishioners and wonderful benefactors who support the school financially for us to be able to buy the food with! So to all of you guys... THANK YOU!!

What started at 9am in the morning, finished at 3pm... so for all you potential students interested in the school, get ready to test and share your culinary skills with each other, spending the day in fun (and funny looking aprons)!

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