Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's Time for a Mission...

On Saturday, 22 January 2011, we had the opportunity to share a lovely meal together to talk over and start organizing our Mission that we are hoping to do in the next few months. It will be in Scarborough, in the Northeast of England. Last year's mission with the SPES team was an amazing experience from going into the streets in the village to walking along the harbour and striking up conversation with many people. We also did a prossession with an icon of Our Lady with guitar playing and songs of praise and worship which drew much attention prompting many onlookers to stop and have a glance or even ask some questions. We also went into a couple primary schools and had the chance to work with a youth group one evening. Although we don't have a SPES team in place persay this year, we do have many enthusiastic individuals that are eager to get involved. Over our supper we shared our experiences of going into the streets, what we enjoy about it, why we feel encourage to do it, but also about our fears and dislikes. It was really nice to have this time to share not only a meal together but our thoughts and feelings as well. Needless to say we are very excited to think about another mission soon to be taking place. It's not easy, but with the grace of God, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit leading us, many hearts and minds will be open to all that our Heavenly Father wants to pour out upon all those we encounter. Please keep this Mission and all of our out reaches in your prayers! Very much appreciated!

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