Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Seeing the Pope this Friday

We are excited to welcome the Holy Father to the Diocese of Westminster, only a mile or so from St Patrick's. Groups from St Patrick's will be attending the Youth Vigil at Hyde Park on Saturday, and the Beatification of Cardinal Newman on Sunday near Birmingham. As well as these important events in the life of the Church, the Holy Father will also be addressing British society as part of his State Visit, the first by a pontiff. He will be speaking on Friday evening in Westminster Hall (at Parliament Square) in a speech which is sure to be closely followed. He will be travelling by Popemobile, from Lambeth Palace, 5pm-5:15pm. We would love to show him our support and affection by lining the route. We will meet at 4pm outside the Red Lion pub on Whitehall (near the Cenotaph and Ministry of Defence). This is a short walk from the route itself, and will give us the chance to meet without too many crowds, and then to find a good spot from which to see the Holy Father. If you cannot find us, you can contact Vincent on his mobile on the day. A map here will show you the expected route, and our meeting point. Please bring signs, banners, guitars et cetera and your enthusiasm to show Pope Benedict how welcomed he is in London and Britain. Do invite friends to come and join us. Above all, please keep the visit in your prayers, that it may be a time of grace and conversion for the English Church, and all British society.

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