Sunday, 30 May 2010

Day of Fun, Sunday 30 May

We spent a day in Ascot with Dan and Anne Hill, two wonderful friends of the School. Having the day to spend with them truly was a blessing. They shared with us the story of how they got to know and become friends with Mother Teresa and the profound impact she made on them and their children. We enjoyed a day of relaxing, chatting, sitting in the sun and taking in the beautiful gardens with lilacs and rhododendron. We have been spending the majority of our time preparing for our Graduation Mass and getting things ready for Spirit in the City, which begins this Thursday. As the time gets closer to the threeday event, the more excited we become. We are looking forward to the talks, time of prayer, singing, Adoration, reflection, street outreach and live music. By being a witness for Jesus we will not only share our faith with everyone we encounter, but we will also help to show that the Spirit is truly alive in the city. We hope you are able to join us for this fantastic event. Have a blessed-filled and holy
week. God bless!

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