Monday, 27 April 2009

Hull Mission

For our Lent Mission we went to Hull. Marcus (student from last year) Teresa, Jeanine and Edna joined us for the mission. We prepared a Holy Hour for the parents of children preparing to receive their First Holy Communion. It was a blessed and beautiful time spent before our Lord praying for the children and their growth in faith. On Friday and Saturday afternoons we hit the streets of Hull and handed out early Easter Gifts and Holy Week Mass times. We even had a young woman join us that we met during our time on the streets. Friday evening was spent with the parish youth group. We animated the Triduum for the students and set up stations to represent all 3 days. We had so much fun!! Palm Sunday was celebrated in Hull and before we knew it we were heading back to St. Pat's! Time just flew by! A huge Thank you to our hosts and host families that cooked and cared for us with great love! Thanks for your warm welcome!


JamesP said...

Hi All,

It was great to have you here, We hope you can come again next year!

God Bless,

James, Ella, Leona (and the Bump, due in 17 days!)

Mixieblob said...

As James said, Thanks for coming.
All the kids at the youth group enjoyed your visit (as did we. Do come again.
Love and God Bless
Michelle and Jessica