Sunday, 1 March 2009

Rome 2009!

Reflection after our pilgrimage to Rome!
Word from Desirae:
My favorite day of our pilgrimage in Rome was Sunday. We joined our freind at the North American Collegeand Seminary for Mass and Brunch. It was nice to see some familiar faces - Jeff, Jacob, Adam, Charlie and more! - and to have Mass in "American", (Yes, there is a difference!) The NAC had a very beautiful Chapel and I couldn't believe how many priest were there for Mass, they just kept coming and coming during the opening procession! Brunch was great and we enjoyed visiting with everyone there. Afterwards we went to St. Peter's Square to say the Angelus, in Latin with our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. He then addressed the people gathered in several different languages Polish - for Marta, French for Marie and finally English for the rest of us! Here is what he said to us:
"I greet all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors here today including those from the Saint Patrick's Evangelization school in London. Today's Gospel reminds us of the duty to bring Christ's Good News to all the world. May your time in Rome be filled with joy and deepen your resolve to draw others to our Lord and his love. God bless you all!"
That was his entire English address! We were in awe and surprise! We had no idea he was going to mention our school! It was such and amazing and blessed moment. We were cheering so loud and we saw him look down and wave, truly he did!

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