Thursday, 17 July 2008

We're here!!

Hello from Sydney! It’s been two weeks since we’ve left London and we’re finally at the big event! Already we’ve met our host parish and settled in with the families who have graciously taken us in for the week. SPES continues to be on a mission of recruiting. Our booth is all set up at the vocations expo and the second big ‘leaflet drop’ took place with great success! Between 18 and 20 thousand cards were given out as young pilgrims from all over the world made their way to the opening Mass with Cardinal Pell. Imagine groups of young adults from Brazil, Germany, Australia, the Philippines, Italy, Malaysia, Canada, Zambia and every other country with a SPES postcard in their hands! When we’re not busy with recruitment, there are catechesis sessions to attend and plenty of talks, concerts and places of prayer all over the city. In fact, the Missionaries of Charity have set up an adoration chapel in one of the theaters in the Sydney Opera House! Pilgrims can spend time in front of Jesus as well as go to confession there. It's really been an amazing experience so far. Yet to come is the Stations of the Cross and then the trek out to Randwick Racecourse for the final Vigil and Mass with Pope Benedict!

Our first leaflet drop in Melbourne:

Mass with the masses in Sydney:

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Marcus said...

Wonderful to see you all, the blog is really a great oppertunity to see what is happening in Australia from a insider position. We are all united in prayer, there is one church halleluja!