Saturday, 7 June 2008

Walking on "Hole-y" Ground

For those of you who have been in the basement of St. Patrick's, you are probably acquainted with the occasional "dip" in the carpet where the floor isn't quite stable. We like to think it adds character to our little school (though we have now posted signs cautioning people to walk carefully). Well, last week we realised just how trivial these holes are compared to these:

It is all part of preparations for the construction St. Patrick's is hoping to do in the near future. The holes only lasted a couple of days and then were filled back in, but they did make getting from one side of the basement to the other a challenge. After about a day of walking through the sacristy and church just to get to the front door, we were ready to speed up the process and help the workers fill in the holes again...

Please continue to pray for our Appeal and the much needed renovations to the church!

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