Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The Centre of Time and Space

Saturdays are set aside as a day spent together as a community to take a bit of a break from the basement of St Patrick's! The other week we went to Greenwich where we visited the Royal Observatory - 'The Centre of Time and Space'. It can make this boast because it is the home of both Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian - which is the line of longitude at which longitude is defined to be 0 degrees.

We had a great time at Greenwich - the museum there was well worth seeing. However, it occurred to me that we actually encountered the true Centre of Time and Space a little bit earlier during the same day...

... as indeed we do every time that we go to Mass!

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Anonymous said...

... a joining of heaven and earth!

Great post. I do enjoy seeing what you're up to this year. Seminary is not nearly as frenetic!

Vincent (the one in the orange t-shirt in the pic at the top)