Monday, 4 June 2007

The last stretch

We're back from a relaxing week in Dorset, a time of retreat, walks, laughs and reflection on the year at SPES. Fr. Alex joined us for the first half of the week, and Fr. Matt our spiritual director came later to give us some meditations. We were able to use the rarely-used parish church in the area to say the Divine Office and have Mass and Adoration. We also got to visit Chideock, a church that has been the site of a recusant family from its beginnings as a barn many centuries ago, and the church which commemorates the death of local martyrs St. John Cornelius and companions. Coming back to Soho yesterday we found awaiting us the relics of St. Claude de la Columbiere, also a martyr for the faith who died as a result of his long imprisonment in the Tower of London for preaching the mercy of the Sacred Heart. The relics of our patron saint have been brought from France in order that they may be venerated in St. Patrick's and in other churches during the next few weeks.

We're now on the final stretch of our year, with just one more week until we graduate on June 12th! This weekend we will be involved with Spirit in the City, a festival of faith organised by the West End Catholic Churches, with talks, prayer, adoration, evangelisation and music events in the notable squares around the area. If you are interested please come along - check out the details on the website.

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